Business flow chart page of ono washipaper & co.

For any inquiries about Ono Washipaper & Company, please refer to the following process.
Please go to the [Inquiry Form] and feel free to ask any questions.
*If you would like to check design drafts and image data,
please send an e-mail to this address [ ]
or send a fax to this number +81-6-6772-8531.
*We are not a retail shop but we wholesale washi paper and komagami paper to mainly corporate customers with BtoB transactions.
We don't usually supply products to individual consumers.

However, if your inquiry details match with our terms and conditions,
then we will be happy to do business with you.
1. Inquiry Process
Please write inquiries in detail so that we can reply appropriately.
Also, please include your occupation.
-What kind of washi paper or komagami paper are you looking for?
-What would you like to make with washi paper and komagami paper?
-What kind of print processing would you like to apply for washi paper and komagami
-How much washi paper or how many washi products would you like?
-What is the desired size of the washi paper?
We have an F.A.Q. page, so please visit if you need to. We will update the page on a regular bases.
2. Presentation of prototype samples and manufacturing samples
If you need prototype samples and/or manufacturing samples,
we can supply them from as little as one sample. Please feel free to ask.
Please note that the sample manufacturing and shipping cost will be borne by the customer.

3. Customized products and OEM products
We can make customized washi paper and washi products with your company logo, trademark,
and text using watermark or combined patterns.
We would like to hear in detail from product planners both inside and outside enterprises,
designers, and creators so that we can provide better services to build your corporate branding
through customizing washi paper or washi paper products.

4. Request for quotation
After you have seen the samples and decided the size, quantity,
and specifications, we will provide a quotation.
We use the most recent raw material cost for the quotation.
Please note that we will provide a revised quotation if there are any changes in raw material costs.
We are happy to make suggestions depending on your budget,
so please let us know in advance if you have a specific budget.
Consumption tax and shipping fee will be charged separately.
We may refuse to accept an order during the process if the delivery time request is too short
or we don’t receive any replies from the customer after the quotation expiry date.
5. Placing orders
Please check the quotation and if there are no issues,
then please place a purchase order by fax or e-mail within the expiry date.
You may fax a hand-written purchase order or send an e-mail to us.
-Fax Number: +81-6-6772-8531
-E-mail address: papers(*)

6. Shipping products
We use various shipping methods depending on the shape, size, weight,
and delivery location of the washi paper and/or washi products.

For domestic shipping, if the product is relatively small and light, we use Japan Post.
If the product is big and heavy, we use Seino Transportation Co., Ltd.

For international shipping, we use Japan Post or FedEx.
Depending on the size and weight of the product,
we use appropriate corrugated cardboard packing and ship the products.
If you would like to specify the shipping method, please let us know.
We will do our best to accommodate your request.
7.  Payment options
For the first transaction, please arrange a money transfer to our designated bank account
and make the full payment in advance.

We ship the products after we confirm payment.
For the second and subsequent transactions, we would like to discuss it with you beforehand.
Please note that all bank charges must be paid by the customer.
*For any inquiries regarding washi paper, komagami paper,
customized paper product making, and media coverage,
please contact us directly using the inquiry form.

1-5-29 Ikuno Nishi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 554-0024
TEL +81-6-6716-0481 FAX +81-6-6772-8531 (Person in charge: Hiroyuki Kawate)
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please visit our page and “like” us.
Your feedback is sure to provide us with great encouragement.
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