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Company Name: Ono Washipaper & Company
Founded in October 1948
(Head Office / Office)
1-5-29 Ikuno Nishi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 554-0024   TEL +81-6-6716-0481
No.93, 1-15 Kokubun cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0044
(Underneath JR Osaka Loop Line elevated structure)
TEL +81-6-6772-8521 FAX +81-6-6772-8531

Person in charge: (Planning & Sales Div.) Hiroyuki Kawate
Born in Osaka city in July, 1972.
Hiroyuki Kawate grew up watching his family run their business of washi paper
used for fusuma, shoji and so on.

After graduating from a school in Osaka,
he briefly worked for a foreign outsourcing company in Tokyo.
In this company, he engaged in inventory counting services
which were mainly held during the fiscal periods for retail stores.
He worked in a completely different field from washi paper at that time.
He decided to go back to Osaka at the age of 25 for various reasons.
To learn washi paper, he spent a year visiting many different washi paper producing areas across the country.
After that he engaged in his current job.

Now, he works very hard and learns every day to protect the credit and reputation of the company,
which have been kept for 70 years.
Currently, he is engaged in the wholesale of washi paper and komagami paper
mainly to domestic paper container manufacturing factories.

The concept of this company is to “color corporate branding with washi paper."
With this, he is focused on expanding its business both in Japan and overseas
by assisting in producing customized paper products
utilizing various printing applications and processing techniques.
Recently, there have been increasing opportunities to create an environment in corporate show rooms, shops, restaurants,
and more, with large-sized sheets of washi paper by utilizing papermaking and cutting techniques.
We hope to expand our business and products in Japan and overseas.


Our thoughts and stance on Washi paper and Komagami paper

We are a wholesaler in Osaka city, specializing in washi paper and komagami paper,
and we sell our products mainly to corporate customers.

Our company was founded in 1948
and we will have our 70th anniversary in 2018.
My grandfather was the first representative of the company.
Before the war, he moved to Tianjin in Mainland China
due to circumstances related to his previous job,
and he sold a wide variety of paper there.
With the end of the war,he returned to Japan and started his business in Ikuno-ku, Osaka,
for the second time. At the beginning, he sold material for interior
use such as shoji paper and fusuma paper.
However, as times and needs changed he increased the range of products to include washi paper and komagami paper
on top of the materials for interior use, and customers increased along with it.
This is how he laid the current foundation.
Our wooden shop sign board has been displayed at our office for many years.
It’s no exaggeration to say that this board holds our business' history
as well as its trust and accumulation of know-how.
These days, there are a growing number of requests for making washi paper products
which help enhance corporate and product values, such as haribako boxes
(a plain craft box which can be covered in washi paper),
washi paper labels for sake bottles, wrapping paper, name cards, postal advertising materials for Direct Mailing (DM),
envelopes, and paper for diplomas and certificates, among other products.
Our conventional ways of wholesaling washi and komagami papers did not always take into account a customer's individual perspective.
However, it has become increasingly important to expand our services to include making customized washi paper products
that highlight the unique qualities of corporations and their products.
At present, our business concept is to “color corporate branding with washi paper”, and we will make further efforts to meet our customers' expectations.
The main characteristics of our core product, washi paper, are as follows:
-Various raw materials resulting in unique textures and paper colors which differ from Western-style
  paper and fancy paper
-Patterns and designs reflecting Japanese traditions and culture
-Long-established artistic papermaking techniques such as Sukashi, Sukikomi, and Hikkake
-Regional characteristics are reflected in products based on local culture and the raw materials
  available there.
There are many theories about the history of washi paper, but it is said to be more than 1400 years old.
The know-how in patterns, colors, and artistic papermaking techniques have been handed downthrough the generations to the present.
You will be fascinated by washi paper if you look at and touch it, and feel its texture.
We would like to hand down washi paper to future generations,
and hope people will continue to use and appreciate washi paper in their daily lives.
Washi paper making has continued for a long period of time.
We will also strive in order to reach our 100th anniversary, and at the same time,
to the best of our ability, we are committed to the promotion of the Japanese culture and traditions
through the washi paper wholesaling business.

If you have any questions regarding washi paper, komagami paper, and/or other customized washi paper products,
please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

For any inquiries regarding washi paper, komagami paper,
customized paper product making, and media coverage,
please contact us directly using the inquiry form below.

1-5-29 Ikuno Nishi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 554-0024
TEL +81-6-6716-0481 FAX +81-6-6772-8531 (Person in charge: Hiroyuki Kawate)
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