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Business Contents

[Sales of washi paper]
*Domestic wholesaling and retailing of hand-made and machine-made washi paper.

*Customized hand-made and machine-made washi papermaking using the following techniques, unique to washi papermaking?
  -Sukashi: Watermarked
  -Sukikomi: Pattern put on paper
  -Sukiawase: Combined pattern put on paper
  -Hikkake: Pattern put on paper using a thin metal frame to catch fibers of paper, creating a design
   on the paper

*Customized paper products using papermaking techniques

*Wholesaling of washi paper compatible with various types of printing applications

*Wholesaling of washi paper for interior and other related raw paper materials

[Production of large-sized sheets of washi paper for spatial presentation in commercial spaces]
*Customized production of tapestry-type large-sized sheets of washi paper for spatial presentation in
  commercial spaces such as corporate showrooms, shops, and restaurants

*Large-sized tapestry-type sheets of washi paper using the fusuma paper making technique

*Large-sized customized tapestry-type spatial presentation materials with modern Japanese graphic
 designs that have three dimensional characteristics including voids.

[Sales of komagami paper and other materials]
*Wholesaling of komagami paper, processed paper, lacquer paper for packages, such as haribako boxes

*Wholesaling of various materials used for package fabrication such as haribako boxes
      three-legged mounting brackets, etc.>

*Wholesaling of decoration materials such as ribbons for package decoration, braids, velvet, and satin fabric
(Washi paper and komogami paper processing and print application capabilities)

*Silk printing for hand-made washi paper, offset printing for machine-made washi paper, and on-demand

*Various printing applications and processing for hand-made washi paper, machine-made washi
  paper, komagami paper for haribako boxes, fancy paper, and paperboard
     lining boards, etc.>

*Customized commercial packages for haribako and Thompson boxes

*Customized paper products such as name cards, envelopes, DM postcards, commercial tags for
Brand names of products
[Machine-made washi paper and hand-made washi paper]
Hanakurabe, Kingyo, Kikusui. Shiramine Fukui, Kamigoyomi, Washi Hyakusen, Insatuyo Wagami , and machine-made washi paper such as Kami Sansai
(Yuzen paper)
Hand-dyed Yuzen paper, Kyoto Yuzen paper,
printed washi paper materials with Japanese patterns such as Yuzen paper
(Komagami paper for paper products to make haribako and Thomson boxes, etc.)
Paper materials used mainly to make haribako and Thomson boxes,
such as Heiwa, Eboshi, Showa, Okamoto, Kokusai, STAR, MONT BLANC, etc.
Trading partners in Japan and overseas

(Material suppliers)
Hand-made washi paper factories, machine-made washi paper factories,
washi paper wholesalers in washi paper producing regions across the country,
komagami paper processing factories, trading and sales companies for fancy paper,
paper container decoration processing companies, haribako box factories, stamping factories, etc.
(Domestic clients)
Paper container manufacturing factories, Japanese and Western sweets manufacturing factories and retail shops,
clothing product fabrication factories, breweries, incense manufacturing factories, graphic design companies,
architectural firms, advertising agencies, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, betrothal gift shops, seafood sales companies,
Japanese restaurants, fusuma door makers, shoji screen makers, hanging scroll makers, commercial calligraphers,
Japanese merchandise stores, food companies, etc.
(Overseas clients)
A graphic design company (USA), interior design company (Hong Kong), printing company (Canada),
breweries (Korea and Hawaii), independent artists (Italy and Austria), consulting company (Australia), etc.
Professional institution memberships:

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Osaka Association of Retail Sales and Management Specialists
Osaka Interior Material Cooperative / Osaka Komagami Association
Ogimachi Material Conference
Design Unit “kon-gara”

For any inquiries regarding washi paper, komagami paper,
customized paper product making, and media coverage,
please contact us directly using the inquiry form.

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